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Join the community for free and learn how you can build your own family office. And become an Aum Family Offices member where you will have access to a range of technologies and professional services to take your family office even further so you can focus on what matters most. 


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Join the premier personal finance and family management community for professionals and executives with expert content and advice.

Aum Family Office Membership

Your membership begins with a secure app consolidation, document storage, and personalized family office consultation.

  • Secure Personal App Manager

    You will get access to our own secure app manager powered by Okta®> iOS and Android applications> Web browser extensions> AppEscrow™ available

  • Personal Digital Document Repository

    Unlimited digital document storage securely retained within the app manager

  • App Integrations

    Add-on financial, family and life management tools

Personal Services

Personal services designed to help you achieve your goals and do more.

Financial Coaching

Provide personal guidance on how to protect and grow our wealth.

Assisted Bill Collection & Organization

We can set up up with tools and solutions that can assist with the collection and organization of your monthly invoices, receipts and other details.

Managed Bill Pay

We have an assisted bill pay program, controlled with your approval, so you can focus on work, family and life.

Household Payroll

Household payroll is a key part of family tax compliance that we can solve for you.


Please speak with us to learn more about our tax offerings.

Entity Formation & Management

Please speak with us to learn more about our tax offerings.


Should you need assistance with general life management, we can support you there as well.

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