AppEscrow™ Password Manager

AppEscrow™ password manager powered by Okta® provides a single sign-on portal for keeping your most critical login details and documents secure, while providing access to others in a time of need on your own terms



  • AppEscrow™ Password Manager

    1st Person

  • Additional Person

    Each Additional Person

  • Secure Digital Document Repository

    Per Person


AppEscrow™ Features

Why AppEscrow™ powered by Okta® is the ideal solution to manage your accounts and secure your most critical documents

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    Password and File Security with AppEscrow™

    It all starts with securing your accounts and making them easy to access. We use industry leading identification and authentication technologies so that only you and your authorized family members may access your applications. 

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    Convenient and Secure

    AppEscrow™ makes it easy to access your account with a single sign-on portal that provides one click access to all of your accounts, while providing business-grade security for them as well.

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    Mobile Access

    AppEscrow™ supports both iOS and Google Play mobile applications

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    Desktop Browser Extensions

    AppEscrow™ has browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge

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    Digital Document Repository

    Unlimited storage for your most critical documents via the AppEscrow™ portal

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    AppEscrow™ Terms

    The AppEscrow™ service can provides your app logins and critical documents to a designated person when you specify in accordance with your strict instructions. We are happy to work with your attorney to make sure the release provisions meet your exact needs and wishes. If you wish to see a sample AppEscrow™ contract, please just contact us for details.

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